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5.1. Information on Participation of JSC “Transneft” in Commercial and Non-commercial Organizations

Information on participation of JSC “Transneft” in commercial and non-commercial organizations is presented in Appendix № 1.

During the reporting year, JSC “Transneft” received dividends from participation in ZAO “Insurance Company Transneft” in the amount of 1,698,969.06 rubles according to the resolution adopted by the annual General Meeting of Shareholders of ZAO “Insurance Company Transneft” (Minutes No. 35 dated June 28, 2012).

JSC “Transneft” is a holding company. The major organizations comprising the holding structure are specified in table No. 3.

Table № 3

Major Organizations Comprised by the Holding Structure as of December 31, 2012

No. Item No. Name and legal form of the company Types of Activity Total share of JSC “Transneft” and/or entities belonging to the JSC “Transneft” system, %
1. JSC “Sibnefteprovod” oil transportation 100
2. JSC “Oil trunk pipelines “Druzhba” oil transportation 100
3. JSC “Privolzhsknefteprovod” oil transportation 100
4. JSC “SZMN” oil transportation 64
5. JSC “Transsibneft” oil transportation 100
6. JSC “Uralsibnefteprovod” oil transportation 75.5
7. JSC “Verhnevolzsknefteprovod” oil transportation 100
8. JSC “Tsentrsibnefteprovod” oil transportation 100
9. JSC “SMN” oil transportation 100
10. JSC “Chernomortransneft” oil transportation 100
11. LLC “Baltnefteprovod” oil transportation 100
12. LLC “Vostoknefteprovod” investment activity, oil transportation 100
13. LLC “Dalnefteprovod” investment activity, oil transportation 100
14. LLC “Spetsmornefteport Primorsk” handling operations in the port of Primorsk 100
15. LLC “Spetsmornefteport Kozmino” investment activity, transshipment of oil and oil products 100
16. JSC “Transnefteprodukt” organization of oil product transportation 100
17. JSC “VOSTOKNEFTETRANS” provision of oil transportation via railway transport 100
18. JSC “Energoterminal” organization of cargo transportation 50.04
19. LLC “DSD” execution of the functions of owner/developer of
20. JSC “Volzhsky Podvodnik” diagnostics, repairs of the trunk line underwater passages 100
21. OJSC “Giprotruboprovod” development of the project and budget documentation 100
22. JSC “Svyaztransneft” provision of the objects of oil trunk pipelines with technological communication 100
23. JSC CTD “Diaskan” diagnostics of oil trunk pipelines 100
24. LLC “Transneft Finans” provision of accounting, tax and management record services 100
25. PJSC “Tsentr MO” metrological service of oil transportation 100
26. LLC “TransPress” publishing activity 100
27. LLC “TSUP VSTO” execution of the functions of owner/developer of ESPO 100
28. NPF “Transneft” non-state pension provision 100
29. LLC “TN Invest” trust management of assets of the non-state pension fund 100
30. PJSC “IC Transneft” provision of insurance services 100
31. LLC “Transneft-Servis” provision of services in seaports 100
32. LLC “Transneftstroy” execution of functions of the primary contractor of construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment and major repairs of trunk pipelines 100
33. LLC “NII TNN” performance of comprehensive scientific and technical research 100
34. JSC “Mostransnefteprodukt” oil product transportation 100
35. JSC “Sredne-Volzhsky Transnefteprodukt” oil product transportation 100
36. JSC “Yugo-Zapad Transnefteprodukt” oil product transportation 100
37. JSC “Ryazantransnefteprodukt” oil product transportation 100
38. JSC “Sibtransnefteprodukt” oil product transportation 100
39. JSC “Uraltransnefteprodukt” oil product transportation 86.2
40. LLC “Transneft Ust-Luga” investment in securities 100
41. JSC “Telekomnefteprodukt” provision of all types of communication, telecommunication and informational services to companies of the oil product pipeline transport 100
42. LLC “Transneft-Logistika” organization of the cargo transportation 100
43. LLC “Balttransnefteprodukt” realization of projects for construction and exploitation of the oil product trunk pipelines 100
44. LLC “SOT-TRANS” insurance 100
45. LLC “PSA SNTP” security 100
46. LLC “TsRIVIS” service of automation means, teleautomation systems and technological process management automated systems 100
47. PJSC “OMEGA” production of pipeline monitoring systems 60
48. PJSC “MPS” transshipment of oil and oil products 100
49. LLC “Transneft-Servis” services of cargo transportation via sea and internal water transport 100
50. LLC “TK-BA” execution of functions of the shareholder authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation in the international planning company “Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V.”, created for planning, construction, exploitation of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline 33.34
51. LLC “LatRosTrans” transportation of oil products, oil product transportation services in the western direction for the export in Latvia and Lithuania 34
52. LLC “Transneftenergo” electric power transfer and distribution 100
53. LLC “Spetsmornefteport Ust-Luga” handling operations and oil transshipment at the Ust-Luga port 100
54. JSC “NMTP” sea transport services (passenger and cargo transportation) Effective share 25.05
55. LLC “TransneftElectrosetServis” electric power supply services 100
56. JSC “Svyazstroy TN” primary contractor for construction, reconstruction of communication objects 100