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3.1. Period of Activity of JSC “Transneft” in the Industry

The Russian network of oil trunk pipelines was initially created as a part of the Uniform Oil Supply System. According to Decree No. 96 of the Committee of Ministers of the USSR dated February 5, 1970, the Central Industrial Office of Oil Transportation and Deliveries (Glavtransneft) of the Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR was set up and charged with accepting oil from oil-extracting enterprises and delivering it to consumers, including export deliveries beyond the former USSR.

The Central Industrial Office “Glavtransneft” was liquidated in 1991 together with liquidation of the Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR.

Services for the oil transportation in the Russian Federation were performed under contracts concluded by consignors and Transneft, from September 1993 — with JSC “Transneft”, and from July 1998 — with JSC “Transneft” (Open Joint Stock Company).

Taking into account the legal succession of the above mentioned companies, JSC “Transneft” is deemed to have been in operation since 1970.