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3.2. Main Competitors of JSC “Transneft”

In 2012, transportation of the Russian oil via the JSC “Transneft” system accounted for 89.0% of the total volume of the oil extraction in the territory of the Russian Federation, which provides for the dominating position of the Company in the area of the oil transportation.

Besides the system of oil trunk pipelines of JSC “Transneft”, there are pipeline systems operating with the following results of the oil pumping in 2012:

CPC (Caspian Pipeline Consortium) — 33.3 mln tons, as well as other systems and loading pipelines owned by oil producing companies.

Currently the competitor of JSC “Transneft” in the segment of the oil transportation in the direction of the Novorossiysk port is Caspian Pipeline Consortium ZAO (Marine terminal — the settlement of Yuzhnaya Ozereevka). The oil transportation services rendered by CPC-R ZAO are focused on the oil of consumers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and oil of the Russian consignors.