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4.1. Information on Availability of Strategies and Programs

4.1.1. Energy-saving and Energy-efficiency Enhancement Program of JSC “Transneft”

JSC “Transneft” has developed and implements “Energy-saving and Energy-efficiency Enhancement Program of JSC ‘Transneft’ for 2012-2015” (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”).

The Program was approved by the Board of Directors of JSC “Transneft” on March 31, 2011 (Minutes No. 6).

According to the requirements contained in orders of the Federal Tariff Service of Russia No. 215-e and No. 216-e dated March 30, 2012, Amendment No. 1 was made to the Program. The Amendment was approved by the Board of Directors on June 27, 2012 (Minutes No. 11).

The Program is to be implemented until 2015.

4.1.2. Program of the Innovative Development of JSC “Transneft” up to 2017

The “Program of the Innovative Development of JSC ‘Transneft’ up to 2017” is based on the projects for development of breakthrough technologies of oil and oil product pipeline transportation, improvement of methods and technologies, organization of R&D innovative developments, as well as KPIs. The program was approved by the Board of Directors of JSC “Transneft” and by the Working Group for Development of the Private-State Partnership in the Innovative Sphere with the Governmental Commission for High Technologies and Innovations.

The Program is aimed at essential enhancement of KPIs of the production process, specifically:

  • it will significantly save energy resources during the operation of the system of oil trunk pipeline transport and will promote the energy efficiency enhancement of the system;
  • it will increase expenses for research works and technology modernization;
  • it will increase the reliability and durability of the main equipment. Following R&D results, new instruments and equipment will be developed that will have high basic overhaul time and lifetime;
  • it will increase labour productivity;
  • it will improve the structure of the Company’s management, including automation of the management of the Company’s business processes and the creation of a productive system of education and further training of employees;
  • it will provide for development of cooperation with universities, development and implementation of approved programs of joint scientific and technical cooperation with the key universities — Bauman MSTU and Gubkin RSU of oil and gas;
  • it will provide for the participation in the technological platform “Technology of Ecological Development”;
  • it will provide for further development of cooperation with scientific organizations, small and medium-sized innovative enterprises that will be realized by way of making long-term cooperation agreements, engagements for performance of R&D, expansion of cooperation by way of formation of a register of technical requirements made by JSC “Transneft” to the products and services delivered.

In 2012, JSC “Transneft” kept on building and improving its efficient system of the innovative development management, in particular:

  • eight meetings of the Strategy and Innovative Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company were held;
  • specialists of the innovative development and R&D administration were hired;
  • innovative development commissions were created in all organizations of the Transneft system; the commissions are operating efficiently;
  • the “Consolidated Plan of Measures for Implementation of the “Program of the Innovative Development of JSC ‘Transneft’ up to 2017” was approved and implemented;
  • the Program indicators were included into production plans of organizations of the Transneft system (hereinafter referred to as the “OTS”);
  • a system of motivation of heads of the JSC “Transneft” subdivisions and OST for performance of the Program indicators was developed;
  • according to the order of the President of the Russian Federation, a Program passport was developed, approved and published for free access on the website of JSC “Transneft”, as well as a list of the innovative projects and lines of the R&D activity to be performed in 2010-2020;
  • sections and forums for collection of innovative suggestions from business enterprises, universities, scientific and production organizations were created on the website of JSC “Transneft” and LLC “NII TNN”;
  • an automated system of the Program performance monitoring was developed which makes it possible to constantly collect objective information on the achievement of indicators and performance of measures in all organizations of the Transneft system.

In 2012, the company achieved all the target indicators and performed all the measures stipulated by the “Program of the Innovative Development of JSC “Transneft”.

4.1.3. Program of the Strategic Development of JSC “Transneft” up to 2020

The Company developed and approved by resolution of the Board of Directors of JSC “Transneft” (Minutes No. 2 of January 31, 2012) the “Program of the Strategic Development of JSC ‘Transneft’ up to 2020” (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”).

The Program is aimed at developing the system of trunk pipeline transport of the Russian Federation to fully secure export supplies and satisfy needs of the domestic market on the basis of modern advanced industrial technologies ensuring high level of reliability, industrial and ecological safety, as well as an optimum level of expenses for the Company and service consumers.

The Program objective will be achieved by performing the following measures:

  • increase of the capacity of the trunk pipeline system to ensure oil transportation in 2020 as per the planned volumes of the oil extraction at the operated deposits and volumes produced at new deposits developed by oil companies;
  • increase of the energy efficiency through implementation of measures for energy resource saving;
  • increase of the labour productivity with provision of growth of 5% per year;
  • innovative development of the production activity;
  • provision of reliability of the operated system of trunk oil and oil product pipelines on the basis of results of fixed assets diagnostics, reconstruction and modernization;
  • increase of the environmental and industrial safety of the Company’s production facilities;
  • expansion of the social guarantees offered to the Company’s employees.

The Program determines the priority lines of development of the oil and oil product pipeline system of the oil transportation industry with a breakdown by regions, terms and main investment projects.

The Program provides for implementation of the following:

  • Complex program of diagnostics, technical re-equipping and major repairs up to 2017 approved by the Management Board of JSC “Transneft” (Minutes No. 18 of May 31, 2010);
  • Program of the Innovative Development of JSC “Transneft” up to 2017 approved by resolution of the Board of Directors of JSC “Transneft” (Minutes No. 7 of April 1, 2011). Approved by the Ministry of Energy of Russia, Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Working Group for Development of the Public Private Partnership in the Innovative Sphere with the Governmental Commission for High Technologies and Innovations (Minutes No. 15-AK of April 13, 2011);
  • Energy-saving and Energy-efficiency Enhancement Program of JSC “Transneft” up to 2015 approved by resolution of the Board of Directors of JSC “Transneft” (Minutes No. 6 of March 31, 2011) and agreed with the Department of State Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency of the Ministry of Energy of Russia (Letter No. 02-1804 of December 29, 2010 and Letter No. 02-1628 of December 1, 2010).

The Program provides for the comprehensive development of the system of trunk pipelines of JSC “Transneft” to diversify oil and oil product flows, strengthen the position of the company in traditional market channels, increase oil supplies to Russian refineries, as well as enter new sale markets, including countries of the Asian-Pacific Region. The Program was developed on the basis of the need to solve state and nationwide tasks set by the President and Government of the Russian Federation to ensure the country’s energy safety.

Table № 2

Main Strategic Objectives of the Company to be Achieved through Implementation of the Strategy by 2020

Item No. Indicator, unit Actual value in 2012 Planned value for 2020
1. Volume of the Russian and transit oil transportation, mln tons per year 480.4 496.3
2. Volume of the oil product transportation, mln tons per year 27.5 54.5
3. Length of the trunk oil pipeline system, km 53,529.9 54,941.0
4. Length of the trunk oil product pipeline system, km 19,333.9 21,447.0
5. Normalized rate of accidents at trunk oil and oil product pipelines, accidents per year per 1,000 km of pipelines 0.164 0.12
6. Labour productivity, mln t km/person 17.64 19.7
7. Air pollutant emissions, th. tons 103.866 23.4
8. Total volume of polluted, poorly treated wastewaters discharged into the landscape and surface water bodies, th. m3 999.36

The KPI dynamics confirms that JSC “Transneft” maintains a stable financial and economic standing in the long-term with unit costs in basic prices being reduced.