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9.5. Implementation of the Plan of Development of the Corporate Data Transfer System for Creation of the Uniform Information System of JSC “Transneft”

In 2012 within the framework of the project for creation of the Uniform Information System (hereinafter — “UIS”) JSC “Transneft” implemented a number of projects related to automation of its production and economic activity, modernization of the communication network and computer infrastructure; the company also implemented projects for digitalization of the existing analogue communication lines:

  1. Optical fibre communication line (hereinafter — “OFCL”) in Moscow. New construction. The OFCL is designated to provide access to the resources of the Data Processing Centre (DPC) which is being set up, as well as to modernize the data transfer network of JSC" Transneft" in Moscow.
  2. Optical fibre transmission line (hereinafter — “OFTL”) of the trunk oil pipeline “Yaroslavl — Moscow” of JSC “Transneft” between communication centre (hereinafter — “CC”) “Stantsiya Zashchity” — CC “Lobkovo” (construction of this section will complete creation of the OFTL of the trunk oil pipeline “Yaroslavl — Moscow”).
  3. Main Control Centre. Construction of the Main Control Centre (hereinafter — “MCC”) that will manage communication networks of JSC “Transneft” commenced. This site includes creation of the centralized system of the operative and technical control of communication networks. This project is to be implemented in stages (three stages). In 2012, the Company developed: a system for control of communication networks and information infrastructure (first stage); technological local computing network for control of communication systems (second stage).
  4. Future Design and Survey Work In 2012, the Company performed design and survey works at the following objects:
    • “DRRCL Demyansk — Tomsk” — adjustment of the developed project documents in connection with change of the object name to “High-speed communication line in the section “Demyansk — Tomsk”, as well as change of the key technical solutions on the project according to the recommendations contained in the General Scheme of the Communication Network Development. This object is to be constructed in three stages (nine start-up complexes). The results of the design and survey work performed during 2010 — 2012 in relation to the “DRRCL Demyansk — Tomsk” will be used in the project “High-speed communication line in the section “Demyansk — Tomsk”.
    • “OFTL in the section STT&SE (Shop of Technological Transport and Special Equipment) Afipskie Baki — AUP KRUMN” — according to the plans of the technical re-equipment, reconstruction and major repair, JSC “Chernomortransneft” proposes during 2012-2013 to implement projects to increase oil supply via trunk oil pipelines (TOP) “Krasnodar — Krymsk” and “Khadyzhensk — Krasnodar” to the Afipsky refinery. Therefore communication channels from the oil pipelines “Krymsk — Krasnodar” and “Khadyzhensk — Krasnodar” to the RDP (reserve dispatcher point) in Krasnodar with the total capacity of about 100 Mbps are required.
    • “CRRCL Parabel — Igolsko — Talovoe”. New construction — design of the high-speed digital radio relay communication line to replace the outdated low-speed RRL to provide channels of the operative and production and technological communication network of the TOP “Igolsko-Talovoe — Parabel” of JSC “Tsentrsibnefteprovod”.
    • “Main Control Centre (third stage). Regional Control Centres (hereinafter — “RCC”) — the main functions of the RCC are monitoring and elimination of defects occurring in the communication networks referred to the competence of the branch: management of defect elimination, and management of the transfer quality. Configuration management functions are delegated to the RCC in case of disturbance of the normal working operation of the control network or control system of the MCC.
  5. Data Processing Centre. New construction. Work is performed on the basis of the resolution adopted by the Management Board of JSC “Transneft” (Minutes No. 10 dated March 22, 2011). It includes equipment of premises in the building of JSC “Svyaztransneft” at the address: Moscow Oblast, Leninsky District, the settlement of Razvilka, and construction of engineering systems required for placement of the information storage and processing systems therein.
  6. Migration of the network information infrastructure to the MS Windows Server 2008 platform. The migration operations include transfer to the new software of the following services: Active Directory Catalogue Service; E-Mail Service; File Storage Service; Printing Service; Facsimile Service; Antivirus Service; DNS and DHCP Service; Monitoring and Control Service; Mobile Access Service; Archiving and Recovery Service; Certificate Service. Migration of the network information infrastructure includes works for the migration design, purchase of the relative equipment and performance of work for transfer of the users to the new infrastructure. Modernization is necessary because the existing network information infrastructure system was constructed in 2002 on the basis of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server software.
  7. Modernization of the active equipment of the LCN (local computer network), IP telephony and server equipment of the head office of JSC “Transneft”. The modernization includes design operations, purchase of the relative equipment and performance of assembly and commissioning work and migration of the users of the head office of JSC “Transneft”.
  8. Modernization of the Electronic Document Flow Information System of the head office of JSC “Transneft”. The modernization includes design operations, purchase of the relative equipment and performance of the assembly and commissioning work.