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13.16 On provision of all statements on income, property and property obligations of the joint-stock company management (including members of the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) and their close relatives (spouse, children (major and minor), parents, siblings) to the federal executive body, as per orders of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 28, 2011 No. VP-P13-9308 and dated March 5, 2012 No. VP-P24-1269 (Letters of Rosimushchestvo dated March 21, 2012 No. GN-15/8330 and dated March 29, 2012 No. GN-15/9449 (Order No. 22)

In pursuance of the orders of the Government of the Russian Federation, JSC “Transneft” delivered to the federal executive bodies (Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation and Federal Financial Monitoring Service) statements on income, property and property obligations for 2011 (Statements) of all the officials of the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates that are subject to the declaration, including members of their families.

The total number of officials at JSC “Transneft”, its subsidiaries and affiliates subject to the declaration amounts to 297 persons (including family members — 1,681 persons).

The total number of statements that were checked out of the total number of the statements presented equalled 100% (297 officials, including family members — 1,681 persons).

145 persons presented Statements that contained inaccurate information or lacked information.

According to the inspection results, no damage to the Company or organizations of the Transneft system was identified.

It was established that eight employees of the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates violated Russian laws (conflict of interests and performance of interested party transactions). As a result of this, three employees were dismissed. Five employees were subject to disciplinary measures not related to the dismissals.

In the other 137 cases there were no conflicts of interest or signs of affiliation. At that the declarants’ failure to provide information (provision of incomplete information) was caused exclusively by the fact that as of the moment of completion of the income statements they did not have any data about participation of their relatives in the activity of commercial organizations or incorrectly completed forms for income and property obligation declarations (later such persons provided written explanations and relative specifications).