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13.9 Data on the resolutions aimed at improving the system of remuneration of employees of joint-stock companies (Order No. KA-P13-8297 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 4, 2010, Letter of Rosimushchestvo No. GN-13/3802 dated February 15, 2011) (Order No. 11)

According to the recommendations of the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Letter No. GN-13/3802 of February 15, 2011), the following resolutions were adopted.

The Board of Directors of JSC “Transneft” (Minutes No. 16 dated October 27, 2011) ordered to develop changes to the system of annual remuneration that provide for remuneration depending on achievement of the target performance indicators.

The system of annual remuneration of managers and employees of JSC “Transneft” and organizations of the Transneft system based on the target performance indicators system was approved by the Personnel and Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors (Minutes No. 4 dated December 5, 2011) and was approved by the Board of Directors of JSC “Transneft” (Minutes No. 18 dated December 15, 2011). Changes to the system connected with improvement of the KPI system of the subsidiaries were approved by the Board of Directors of JSC “Transneft” (Minutes No. 16 dated November 22, 2012).