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Appendix #2. List of Major Transactions Realized by JSC “Transneft” in 2012

Item No. Date of making the contract (additional agreement) Counterparty Subject Price Term of the obligation performance Information on approval of the transaction realization
1. December 19, 2012 Buyer — JSC “Transneft”, supplier — JSC “Rosneft” Additional agreement to the oil supply contract for alternation of the price determination order in the contract, as well as change of the amount of the fine payable by the buyer in case of the failure to pay or late payment of the cost of the oil supplied To be determined monthly using the formula agreed by the parties. Given the current oil prices of about USD 100 for a barrel, the proposed price of the transaction equals USD 54 bln (196% of the book value of JSC “Transneft” assets) Supply term is 20 years (from 2011 through 2030), data of the supply commencement — January 1, 2011 Approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC “Transneft”; Order of Rosimushchestvo No. 549-r dated April 13, 2012